About us

Welcome to Soaperfect. We are operating in Kuwait since 2018. We produce items for beauty by making handcrafted soaps in small batches and formulating natural body care products using premium ingredients. We strongly believe that nature and beauty should be within everyone's heart and mind.

The founder

I always felt a deep connection to nature. I have had a personal interest in natural health care products, essential oils, and well-being for many years. I started by researching and reading about oils, herbs and natural ingredients that would be safe to use and gentle for myself as well as my family, I used it to make bath soaps, scrubs and skincare oils and I noticed the high effective results on my skin, so I decided to take my skills to the next level. After taking advanced soap-making courses and organic skincare products formulating training,  the result was a start of something beautiful....a business I enjoy, named Soaperfect.

 Enas Swairjo