Pipe Dividers Swirl

A natural soap bar i made for September 2019 soap challenge- regular category using pipe dividers swirl technique @soapchallengeclub .
Many thanks to Holy @kapiamerasoap for sharing her recipe in her blog post (Rosemary Mint Pipe Divider Swirl) I used the same recipe but with different colors. My soap was originally planned for the advanced category, but unfortunately I used synthetic jojoba beads, so I re-entered it under the regular category.  
I planned to make a burgundy , yellow, and green soap. The technique was fun and easy but the final colors turned out different than what i wanted 🙂. I think I shouldn’t have used jojoba beads, the sope could look much better without it. The carrot powder percentage was low which didn’t give the right shade of yellow!

Thank you Amy Warden for September tutorial, my entry is my first attempt, i love this technique and the advanced category was also a great opportunity for me to learn and practice making all natural synthetics free soap designs.

Below is a description of the colors i used and some photos , I'm still editing the video. Will upload it soon. 

Avocado oil 3%
Castor oil 3%
Coconut oil 25%
Olive oil 45%
Palm oil 15%
Sunflower oil 9%
Batter and colors calculation:

  • Outside the pipes:

5g kaolin clay / 620g batter
4g red jojoba beads / 620g batter
1.5g rosehip powder + 1g rose kaolin clay / 200g batter

  • Inside the pipes:

- Black
0.15g activated charcoal / 65g batter
- Green
0.6g spirulina / 65g batter
-Yellow (turned out beige)
0.5g carrot powder/ 65g batter





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